Concert Band (7th & 8th grades)

This page contains band recordings, information and handouts given in 7th and 8th grade  Concert Band.

Learning Targets:
1.) Rhythm & Time Signature:
Rhythm flash cards.pdf
Rhythm flash cards eighth.pdf
Rhythm flash cards dotted.pdf
Rhythm flash cards sixteenth.pdf
Rhythm flash cards sixteenth comb.pdf
Rhythm flash cards triplets.pdf
time signatures & conducting.jpg
Time Signature study guide.pdf
2.) Notes & Key Signature:
Treble Clef flash cards.pdf
Bass Clef flash cards.pdf
Key Signatures.pdf
3.) Articulation & Dynamics:
Articulationdynamics study guide.pdf
4.) Signs & Symbols:
Signs & Symbols study guide.pdf
Staff Elements and Symbols.pdf
Vocabulary study guide.pdf
5.) Tone Quality:
Tone Quality.pdf

NoteChart  (fingerings) free
Bandmate Chromatic tuner  free
Pro Metronome $.99-3.99
Monster Musician Reader free
Quizlet free
Quizziz free
Kahoot! free
Flute Racer $2.99
Clarinet Racer $.99
Bass Clarinet Racer $.99
Alto Saxophone Racer $.99
Tenor Saxophone Racer $2.99
Bari Saxophone Racer $.99
French Horn Racer $2.99
Trumpet Racer $2.99
Trombone Racer $2.99
Baritone Racer $.99
Tuba Racer $.99
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Kahoot games:
D4 LT1: Band Rhythms using cut time
D4 LT1: Rhythm note and rest values 2
D4 LT1: Counting Sixteenth notes
D4 LT1: Rhythmic Equations - Level 1
D4 LT1: Rhythmic Equations - Level 2
D4 LT4: Music Symbols
D4 LT3: Band Articulation
D4 LT3: Band Dynamics

D4 LT1: Band Rhythms level 2
D4 LT1: Band rhythms level 3
D4 LT4: Signs and Symbols 2
D4 LT2: Treble Clef note names on the staff with sharps and flats
D4 LT2: Bass Clef Note Names onthe staff with sharps and flats
D4 LT3: Articulation

D4 LT3: Dynamics

TOE book 2 Assignments & Recordings:
2. Academic Festival March — Duet.m4a
4. Arroró Mi Niño.m4a
9. Ellacombe — Duet.m4a

11. Sight-Reading Challenge_ Waves on the Sea.m4a
15. Chorale_ Old Hundredth — Band Arrangement.m4a
17. Report Card Blues.m4a
22. _Largo_ from Symphony No. 9.m4a
25. Warm-up_ Spanish Hymn.m4a
26. Gentle Zephyr.m4a
28. Regal Procession.m4a
31. Leapfrog.m4a
35. The Wabash Cannonball.m4a
36. Still, Still, Still.m4a
39. Sight-Reading Challenge_ My Heart's Tonight in Texas.m4a
40. The Minstrel Boy — Duet.m4a
44 Ding Dong Merrily On High — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a
45 A December Triptych — Band Piece.m4a
46. Minka, Minka.m4a
47. Coronado.m4a
52. Reuben and Rachel.m4a
53. Skill Builder_ The Bridge at Avignon — Duet.m4a
54. El Capitan.m4a
March Across the Seas.m4a

Winter Concert 12/10/19 Recordings:
African Bell Carol.m4a
Let It Go (from Frozen).mp3

ISSMA JME Contest Recordings:  March 20/21, 2020
Parade of the Jesters.mp3
Danza de Espana.mp3
Chant And Tribal Dance.mp3

Spring Concert: May 27, 2020 Recordings 
7:00 PM
Music from Pirates of the Caribbean.mp3
John Williams_ Movie Adventures.mp3

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