Concert Band (7th & 8th grades)

This page contains band recordings, information and handouts given in Concert Band.

Band Syllabus.pdf

band handbook 17-18.pdf

Jefferson Playing test rubric.pdf

Learning Targets:
1.) Rhythm & Time Signature:
Rhythm flash cards.pdf
Rhythm flash cards eighth.pdf
Rhythm flash cards dotted.pdf
Rhythm flash cards sixteenth.pdf
Rhythm flash cards sixteenth comb.pdf
Rhythm flash cards triplets.pdf
time signatures & conducting.jpg
Time Signature study guide.pdf
2.) Notes & Key Signature:
Treble Clef flash cards.pdf
Bass Clef flash cards.pdf
Key Signatures.pdf
3.) Articulation & Dynamics:
Articulationdynamics study guide.pdf
4.) Signs & Symbols:
Signs & Symbols study guide.pdf
Staff Elements and Symbols.pdf
Vocabulary study guide.pdf
5.) Tone Quality:
Tone Quality.pdf

Kahoot games:
D4 Band Rhythms using cut time
D4 Rhythm note and rest values 2
D4 Counting Sixteenth notes
D4 Rhythmic Equations - Level 1
D4 Rhythmic Equations - Level 2​​
D4 Music Symbols
D4 Band Articulation
D4 Band Dynamics​​
D4 Band Rhythms level 2
D4 band rhythms level 3
D4 Signs and Symbols 2
D4 Treble Clef note names on the staff with sharps and flats
D4 Bass Clef Note Names onthe staff with sharps and flats
D4 Articulation​​​​​

D4 Dynamics

Polar Express.mp3
Sleigh Ride.mp3

IBA All-District Honor Band Recordings (Chelsea, Olivia, Abby)
Be still my soul.mp3
Cloud gate.mp3
Last Ride of the Pony Express.mp3
Warriors of Beijing

ISSMA JME Contest Recordings:  March 16, 2018
Alien Invasion.m4a
Union March.mp3
Incantation and Ritual.m4a​​

Spring Concert May 15, 2018
8:00 PM
Alien Invasion.m4a
Music from _Pirates of the Caribbean_.m4a
All Star.mp3