General Music

This page contains General Music 5th and 6th grade information, recordings  and handouts.

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Welcome to the Jefferson Music Family!2018.pdf

General music syllabus2018.pdf

Instrument Family worksheet/crossword:
String Family.pdf
Woodwind Family.pdf
Brass Family.pdf
Percussion Family.pdf​​​

Reading Music
Reading music .pdf

5th Grade pBuzz:
pBuzz karate..pdf
pBuzz Karate rubric.pdf
sheet music: ​
Recording: Mary Had a Little Lamb
Recording: I feel Good
Recording: (White belt): Lightly Row
Recording: (Yellow Belt) Super Trooper
Recording: (Orange belt): Oranges and Lemons
Recording: (Green belt): When the Saints Go Marching In
Recording: (Purple belt): Incy Wincy Spider
Recording: (Blue belt): Ode to Joy
Recording: (Red belt): Jingle Bells
Recording: (Brown belt): Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Recording: (Black belt): Vindaloo

6th Grade recorder:
Recorder karate..pdf
Recorder Karate rubric.pdf
sheet music: Recorder karate 1 belts.pdf
Recording: Hot Cross Buns - Full Performance.m4a
Recording: Gently Sleep - Full Performance.m4a
Recording: Merrily We Roll Along - Full Performance.m4a
Recording: It's Raining - Full Performance.m4a
Recording: Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Full Performance.m4a
Recording: When The Saints Go Marching In - Full Performance.m4a
Recording: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - Full Performance.m4a
Recording: Amazing Grace - Full Performance.m4a
Recording: Ode To Joy - Full Performance.m4a
sheet music: Recorder Karate 2 Belts.pdf
Recording: (White belt):Wedding March - Full.m4a
Recording: (Yellow belt): Old Joe Clark - Full.m4a
Recording: (Orange belt): On Top Of Old Smoky - Full.m4a
Recording: (Green belt): Can Can (Slow) - Full.m4a
Recording: (Purple belt): America - Full.m4a
Recording: (Blue belt): Polly Wolly Doodle (Slow) - Full.m4a
Recording: (Red belt): I've Been Working On The Railroad - Full.m4a
Recording: (Brown belt): When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Slow) - Full.m4a
Recording: (Black belt): Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Full.m4a

Learning Targets:
1.) Rhythm (Time):
Note and rest values.docx
note and rest chart.png
Rhythm flash cards.pdf
Rhythm flash cards eighth.pdf
rhythm chart.png
dotted rhythms.png
2.) Notes (Key): 
Treble clef.pdf
Note name chart on the staff.pdf
Treble Clef flash cards.pdf
3.) Dynamics:
4.) Signs & Symbols: 
S&S study guide.pdf

Kahoot games:
D4 String Instruments
D4 Woodwind Instruments
D4 Brass Instruments
​​​D4 Reading Music

D4 String Instruments
D4 Woodwind Instruments
D4 Brass Instruments
D4 Percussion Instruments
D4 Reading Music​​​

D4 LT1: Rhythm & Time Set 1
D4 LT1: Rhythm & Time Set 2
D4 LT1: Rhythm & Time Set 3
D4 LT2: Treble Clef Note Names 1
D4 LT2: Treble Clef Note Names 2 (with ledger lines)
D4 LT2: Treble Clef Note Names (Sharps & Flats)
D4 pBuzz white belt
D4 Recorder Karate white belt

The Bucket Book.pdf