Beginning Band 6th Grade

This page contains information and handouts from Beginning Band.

Be Part of the Band Video

Quinlan & Fabish:

QF Band Rental Info.pdf
QF Band Rental Info Spanish.pdf
SBCSC Instrument Rental Form copy.pdf
SBCSC Instrument Rental Form SPANISH copy.pdf

BB playing test rubric.pdf

Brass Videos:
How to buzz a brass mouthpiece video
Oiling Trumpet Valves Video
Greasing slides video
Holding the trombone properly video

Woodwind videos:
Flute Embouchure video
Clarinet Embouchure basics video
Clarinet Crossing the Break video
Saxophone Embouchure Basics video

Percussion videos:
Matched grip video
How to play a drum roll video
Buzz roll (Multiple bounce stroke) video​​​

Learning Targets:
1.) Rhythm & Time Signature:
      Rhythm flash cards.pdf
      Rhythm flash cards eighth.pdf
      Rhythm flash cards dotted.pdf
2.) Notes & Key Signature:
      Treble Clef flash cards.pdf
      Bass Clef flash cards.pdf
3.) Articulation & Dynamics:
      Articulationdynamics study guide.pdf
4.) Signs & Symbols:
     Signs & Symbols study guide.pdf
     Staff Elements and Symbols.pdf
5.) Tone Quality:
      Tone Quality.pdf

Kahoot games:
D4 LT1: BB Rhythm
D4 LT2: BB Treble Clef Note Names
D4 LT2: BB Bass Clef Note Names

D4 LT1: BB Rhythms
D4 LT2: BB Treble Clef note names
D4 LT2: Bass Clef Note Names

Assignments & Recordings:
8/18-8/20: Welcome Packet & Powerschool sign up
     Welcome to the Jefferson Band Family!.pdf
     Powerschool info.pdf
8/21-8/27: Syllabus & Parent Letter. Start memorizing basic rhythms.
      Introduce the band website, Play kahoot & quizlet
      Band Syllabus.pdf
      Beginning Band letter 2017 - August.pdf
8/28-9/3: Rhythm quiz. Play quizlet & kahoot
9/4-9/10: Rhythm quiz retakes, Instrument choices and clef signs. Memorize note names
9/11-9/17: Inst. demonstrations, Rhythm retakes, Note name quiz
9/18-9/24: Inst. Rental nights 9/12, 9/13 between 5-8. Rhythm retakes, Note name retakes.
      Getting started successfully!.pdf
      Beginning Band Bootcamp by Jamie Rottle.docx
      Start with insts. on 9/14-learn how to put together/take apart inst. TOE 2 & 3
White belt: 5 Moving Around (page 6).m4a 
Yellow belt: 12. Cuckoo.m4a
Orange belt: 20. Go Tell Aunt Rhodie.m4a
Green belt: 27. Good King Wenceslas.m4a
Blue belt: 34. The Frog's Song — Round.m4a
42 Jingle Bells — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
45 Jolly Old St. Nicholas — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
51 The Dreidel Song — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
Purple belt: 48 Kwanzaa Celebration — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
Pink belt: 54. Rio Con Brio.m4a
Red belt: 72. Theme from _The Nutcracker_.m4a