8th Grade Information

December 7, 2020

Your 8th grade year is nearly half way over. Before you know it you'll be walking the halls of high school! Can you believe it? The question is, do you know where you'll be attending?
Recently all of the South Bend high schools participated in the Virtual Showcase highlighting their schools and the opportunities there. If you did not get a chance to watch those videos, you can find them on the SBCSC YouTube channel:  
If you don't yet know which school you want to attend you can take a look at these videos to help you make your decision. 

If you plan to attend a school for it's magnet program, your parent/guardian will need to complete a "High School Magnet Application" here: 
The Phase 1 deadline for High School Magnet Applications is December 16th. 

If you are not interested in any of the magnet programs but would like to attend a school that is not your assigned school (based on your address) your parent/guardian will need to fill out a "High School Open Enrollment Application" found here: 
Please know that transportation will not be provided for non-magnet students attending a high school that is not their assigned school.

If you are unsure which school is your assigned high school based on your address, you can use this website: http://apps.schoolsitelocator.com/?districtcode=17007 

Sometime after winter break you will have the opportunity to meet with your high school counselor to register for your freshman classes. Typically that is done in February, but with all of the current Covid restrictions we are not yet sure what that will look like. As we learn more information we will be sure to keep you updated.
If you have any questions, please reach out to our School Counselor, Mrs. Fuller at [email protected]